Event Schedule Bupolo Fest

Calender of event Festival Wonderful Bupolo 4

calender of event Festival Wonderful Bupolo - 3


Rundown Acara  calendar Of  Event Festival Wonderful Bupolo-3 Tahun 2018


Rundown Acara Gebyar Merah Putih



Schedule Event Festival Pesona Bupolo 2 - 2017

















Pesona Bupolo Fest 2016 has ended, the arena pride prime tourism promotion of domestic Bupolo / Buru to the outside world successfully held for 4 days and make Buru lively in October, Insha Allah we will meet again at the Festival next even more powerful and vibrant again. Enchantment Festival Bupolo "RANA LAKE GREET THE WORLD", Bravo Buru tourism



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