The Role of Milineals in Promoting Bupolo Diera New Normal Tourism

Millennials have an important role in promoting tourism. Not just traveling, millennial generation must also promote Indonesian tourism.

In order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Indonesian independence, the Dialogue on the Role of Millennials in Promoting Bupolo Diera New Normal Tourism was held to provide an understanding to take advantage of the potential and encourage the interest of the millennial generation to be involved in the tourism industry. About 70 young people from various communities who are in the City of Namlea Kab. Buru, Genpi, was invited as a participant.

A number of resource persons were also present at this event including the Head of the Tourism Office, Drs. Istanto Setyahadi, Manager of the Jikumerasa Resort, Mrs. Ceni, Bpk. Agus Prayitno (egho) from GENPI Kab. Hurry up. The event was held directly by moderator Vigih Murhum, an HPI activist. Jikumerasa Resort was chosen as the venue for the dialogue.

Publish on : 11 August 2020
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