How to get Buru (Bupolo)

To reach in Buru Island, we can use either ship or airplane through Ambon city. We can reach there by KM. Lambelu or KM. Ngapulu and KM. Dorolonda. However, these ships are usually once two weeks to Namlea, because it is long route Sulawesi-Ambon-Jakarta-Namlea. The cost for round trip by ship from Ambon to Namlea, it’s about Rp 170,000 per person. It takes 5 hours. Besides, we can get there by KM. Elizabet and others.  The cost for round trip it’s aboutRp 200,000 per person.

Doing the trip by using the little ship can takes 6 hours. Besides, we can use alternative transportation. It is ferry. However, the journey by using fery takes 6 to 7 hours (Ambon-Namlea). The cost for Roundtrip is about Rp 150,000 per person. The journey might be take long times, for those who are not familiar with this kind of ship should  bring any medicine. Or they can use the second  alternatives, namely airplane. If using this path, it is only take 25 minutes from Ambon to Namlea. However, if you use this transportation, you need to pay more because the cost isRp 300,000 one-way. So for round trip you need to pay Rp600,000. For staying night, the  tourists can stay in the inn with rates ranging from Rp 150.000-400.000 per night.

The following are the transportation to and from Namlea, Buru regency:

Wings Air Flight Everyday Ambon - Namlea

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