Explore Bupolo

Begin Your adventure of spices from here. Exotic destinations on the island of Buru, along with the hospitality of its people await!



    The story of the tribe of the existing island of Buru, Moluccan diprovinsi get straight here about the outline.

  • Nature

    The beauty of nature in the eastern part of Indonesia indeed indisputable, one that must be explored is a natural Bupolo or islands of Buru Regency of Maluku province. Ranging from the beaches, mountains, forests, and others.

  • Diving

    Dive in and discover the underwater beauty of Regency Buru. Unspoiled beauty that you can now enjoy at some point dives on the beach Jikumerasa Beach, Waprea and other.

  • Culinary

    Rocking the tongue and enrich Your sense of knowledge at Bupolo Festival party for 2016. Folk cuisine you can find, different in each village. From fresh seafood to enjoy cultivated fields.

  • Acomodation

    This one is indeed essential. Make your travel comfortable during outdoor adventure on the island of Buru. Here you can find several options of lodging.

  • Information

    Get lost? This is the information you need. Any help or numbers that you need to write down while in Buru District.

    Phone : 081344565466

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